32-32 pax

Imagine this... your people enter the venue to be met by the sounds of drumming from our team. As the team members take to their seats, they realize they each have their own drum and enthusiastically start to play. There will be musical tubes, percussions

and tambourines.

At this point, Our team orchestrates the individual contributions into one unified musical performance by layering rhythm and sound dynamics. Periodically, the group is led through warm-up stretches and light-hearted moves designed to amuse, loosen and relax.

Our team will then facilitate a series of fun, simple rhythms that will build in intensity, both challenging and uplifting all present, until finally climaxing in a crescendo of sounds. For the next 45 to 60 minutes your group undergoes an energy transformation by experiencing an unforgettable musical journey, where laughter happens and motivation is achieved in a high energy, interactive performance.

This program gets everyone “in the moment”. They are thinking only about what is going on around them and what they are doing. This “entertainment” removes all other stressors and gives everyone the opportunity to contribute totally.

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  • Drumming 1 PAX to 32 PAX
  • Personalized Drumming Session 1 to 30 PAX




Additional PAX for Drumming Session

Additional PAX is up to 168.


Additional PAX for Personalized Drumming Session

$50/PAX for Personalized Drumming Session



Price are subject to change without notice


Terms and Conditions

A confirmation agreement will be sent once agreement to proceed has been
• A deposit of around 35% will be required for confirmation
• Balance paid within 7 days post event please

The program as proposed will ensure your delegates are united, energized and inspired.
This totally interactive and involving session is the perfect team experience that will
engage everyone through collaboration, co-operation and laughter, while having a lot of
fun – leaving them ready to fully participate in their duties.